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Leadership Academy Seminar #1 - Your (Ethical) North Star

Oct 5 2019 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

MTCC Ballroom


Scott J. Allen, Ph.D. (Bio)


This experiential and fast-paced session will provide participants with a basic understanding of the landscape of ethical decision making, and help each student gain clarity on the values, principals, and virtues they hold dear. Likewise, we will explore one model that can serve a North Star in difficult times. We will use film, activities, discussion, personal reflection, and action planning to help the content come alive in a unique and exciting way.


  • Participants will identify and reflect upon a time they failed to act in an ethical manner

  • Participants will understand the difference between principals, morals, and values

  • Participants will identify principals, morals, and values that they hold dear

  • Participants will identify common ethical dilemmas found on a college campus

  • Participants will apply the BASE model for ethical decision-making