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Leadership Academy Seminar #4 - Navigating Change

Mar 28 2020 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

MTCC Ballroom


In order to prioritize the health of our students/campus and minimize the potential for the spread of COVID-19, the Leadership Academy has made the difficult decision to cancel the March 28th, 2020 Seminar. Further updates on Academy related events will be posted here or shared with the students impacted via email. 


Mary Hale Tolar, Ed.D. (Bio)


Navigating change requires groups and teams to acknowledge loss, recognize opportunity and embrace an openness to growth. This highly interactive session is designed to increase participants' confidence and communication skills through simulation and role-play, personal reflection, and discussion. We will explore and apply strategies and tools that cultivate respect and build trust as we learn to manage ourselves and others through uncertainty and change. 


  • Participants will identify challenges of leading teams through change
  • Participants will identify and use as real-time, real-world examples difficult conversations around change
  • Participants will learn and practice the OBREAU Tripod, a tool developed by Australian Scholar Don Dunoon
  • Participants will understand and appreciate the difference between observation and interpretation, and learn to attribute reasonableness to others and speak authentically in difficult conversations
  • Participants will understand how self-awareness and shared purpose impact team collaboration, communication, and performance 

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