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My short term goals are organized broadly into personal goals and career related goals. I believe it's important to treat them equally and talk about them equally, since "working full time" only... read more
Daniel Joseph
Short term goals are interesting as a thought process. What determines the "short term," and how often must those goals be updated? When practicing the goal-setting exercise, I generally find myself... read more
Throughout my life, taking on challenges has always been a goal I have strived for. Through challenges, I believe, the highest level of learning can be achieved. My short term goals revolve around... read more
Emmalee Ciriacks
As a biomedical and chemical engineering student, my short term goal is to gain diverse industry experience in both specializations. I have held positions that emphasize medical research, materials... read more
Courtney Curcio
Short term goals are what I live by. Each morning, I set myself three goals to accomplish that day which is not a difficult feat. However, the positive cognitive feedback from completing these... read more
Jillian Edwards
My short term goals revolve around challenging myself in all realms of my life as my final year as an undergraduate comes to a close. Pertaining to academics, I am striving to complete my coursework... read more
Brianna Galvan
My short-term physical goals include maintaining my workout schedule and healthy eating habits. I love to cook and hope to use eating healthy as a way to expand on the dishes I know how to make. My... read more
As a second-year student, my short-term goals are heavily centered around leadership skills development and improvement in a campus setting. It has been a privilege to take on the position of... read more
Dhanisha Jothi Geerdharry
My goals are keep my GPA above a 3.8 and graduate summa cum laude in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace. My internship with Cummins as a Product Engineer will help develop my technical... read more
Anthea Gonzalez
I plan on graduating from Illinois Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Management and a Master’s Degree in Cyber Forensics and Security. In addition, I want to keep an active... read more
My short-term goals are currently guided by my academic and non-academic aspirations. In terms of my academic priorities, I would like to maintain a high G.P.A. for the remainder of my time as a... read more
Elijah Irizarry
My short-term goals are primarily focused on my academics and gaining experience in technological positions so that I will be prepared for when I finish my education and seek employment and make my... read more
Muhammad Hamza Khan
Utmost objective would be to strike the right balance between academics, extracurricular activities, work and social life. I look forward to achieve a cumulative GPA higher than 3.5 and succeed in my... read more
Zahra Khuwaja
My short term goals are evolving and include making a conscious effort towards continuously learning and being open to varying thoughts and perspectives. Academically, I hope to graduate with a co-... read more
Roland Knowlden
My education here is an investment in myself, in my career, and my future. At the core of my short term goals are academic targets. I aim to graduate with honors, to challenge myself as a designer... read more
I want to bring the leadership skills I learn through the Academy into the academic environment. In academics, I also seek to gain deeper appreciation of physics through research in collaboration... read more
Nimah Mohiuddin
My short-term goals include participating in various activities and experiences that allow me to learn, grow, and enjoy my time at IIT. I aim to get as involved as I can while maintaining a high GPA... read more
Keara Rigg
My short term goals are to continue to take care of myself through practicing yoga every day as well as doing well academically. I hope to maintain the balance between my academics and my passion for... read more
Asma Shuaibi
As I finish up my undergraduate career at Illinois Tech, my short term goals have revolved heavily around continuing to seek challenges that would allow me to grow as an individual. I strive to put... read more
I constantly aim to carry myself with passion and empathy in everything I am involved in at IIT and in the larger surrounding community. These values that I uphold create the goals I set for myself... read more
Sarah Kay Stephens
My short-term goals revolve around finding a balance between personal and academic life. I have valued knowledge for as long as I can remember, but I have learned that pushing myself academically is... read more
Emma Stohlman
I aim to graduate from Illinois Tech with Bachelor's degrees in Astrophysics and Physics, and to be active in the campus community. Throughout my life, I've found that taking advantage of and... read more
My short term goals include excelling in my studies and creating strong bonds with new friends. As I start college, I hope to maintain a schedule that allows me to do well in my classes and that will... read more
Iris Doriane Uwizeyimana
My short term Goals (for this academic year) are mainly targeted towards life after college given that I will be graduating next year. My hope is to go to grad school after this, which means I need... read more
Jacob Wilcox
I always strive to keep a balanced life while maintaining a forward thinking vision of my long term goals. I believe a balanced life is not possible without positive productivity and a focus on... read more
Diana Wu
As this is my last year at Illinois Tech for the undergraduate degree, I strive to serve my community as a resident advisor, Chief Justice of the Student Government Association, Vice President of the... read more