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My short term goals are broken up into two sweeping categories: my self and my work. My goals regarding the self are to reinvigorate my self care rituals and routines. I believe that in order to make... read more
Daniel Joseph
Short term goals for me heavily revolve around the hierarchy of priorities in my life. Those priorities are derivative of my long term goals and also depend on the season of life I am in. Since I am... read more
Throughout my life, taking on challenges has always been a goal I have strived for. Through challenges, I believe, the highest level of learning can be achieved. My short term goals revolve around... read more
Emmalee Ciriacks
My short term goals are centered around being an active student on campus. I enjoy participating in many areas of student life including athletics, academics, and undergraduate research. As a captain... read more
Courtney Curcio
Short term goals are what I live by. Each morning, I set myself three goals to accomplish that day which is not a difficult feat. However, the positive cognitive feedback from completing these... read more
Jillian Edwards
My short-term goals include developing the mental and physical aspects of my life and making a positive and lasting impact on the Illinois Tech community. I want to maintain my physical well-being by... read more
Brianna Galvan
My short-term physical goals include establishing a realistic workout schedule that I can maintain over the summer and when I come back to school. I would also like to start eating healthier, so this... read more
Dhanisha Jothi Geerdharry
My goals are keep my GPA above a 3.8 and graduate summa cum laude in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace. My internship with Cummins as a Product Engineer will help develop my technical... read more
Anthea Gonzalez
My short terms goals include graduating from Illinois Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Management, be as involved as I can at Illinois Tech, and continue to grow, develop,... read more
Christopher Hui
I hope to use my skills and abilities to make a positive impact and difference in the community. I work towards achieving this goal both in the classroom and through my involvement in organizations... read more
Elijah Irizarry
My short-term goals are primarily focused on my academics and gaining experience in technological positions so that I will be prepared for when I finish my education and seek employment and make my... read more
Xavier John
My short-term goals in a nutshell are to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to help me achieve my mid-term and long-term goals. This includes getting into the leadership academy team, and... read more
Muhammad Hamza Khan
Utmost objective would be to strike the right balance between academics, extracurricular activities, work and social life. I look forward to achieve a cumulative GPA higher than 3.5 and succeed in my... read more
Zahra Khuwaja
My short term goals are constantly evolving but can be distinguished into two categories. My goals of maintaining a good standing on the Dean’s List by achieving a GPA of 3.5 or above as well as... read more
Roland Knowlden
My education here is an investment in myself, in my career, and my future. At the core of my short term goals are academic targets. I aim to graduate with honors, to challenge myself as a designer by... read more
Nimah Mohiuddin
My short-term goals include participating in various activities and experiences that allow me to learn, grow, and enjoy my time at IIT. I aim to get as involved as I can while maintaining a high GPA... read more
Keara Rigg
My short term goals are to continue to take care of myself through practicing yoga every day as well as doing well academically. I hope to maintain the balance between my academics and my passion for... read more
Asma Shuaibi
I am currently working to pursue my Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and my Masters in Chemical Engineering as an undergraduate at Illinois Tech. I plan to continue my academic research in cell... read more
Sarah Kay Stephens
My short-term goals revolve around finding a balance between personal and academic life. I have valued knowledge for as long as I can remember, but I have learned that pushing myself academically is... read more
Emma Stohlman
I aim to graduate from Illinois Tech with Bachelor's degrees in Astrophysics and Physics, and to be active in the campus community. Throughout my life, I've found that taking advantage of and opening... read more
Adithya Sudhan
I believe in work done neatly, in style and with passion. I will work hard to ensure that I bring this philosophy into all my work, academics and otherwise. Besides keeping the grades in the air, I’d... read more
Zan Syed
My short term goals include getting involved in more on-campus, while also doing things that directly help my career, such as research and various internships. With regards to grades, I would like to... read more
Iris Doriane Uwizeyimana
My short-term goals include being an outstanding student in the Computer Engineering field by maintaining a high GPA and doing research related to networks and communications. I plan on having some... read more
Jacob Wilcox
I strive to pass all my classes at IIT with A's and B's. However, I know education is not just about the grades received. What is more important is how education empowers individuals with knowledge... read more
Diana Wu
As school is an incredibly important aspect of my life, within the new few months and years, I aim to learn the most effectively and thoroughly in my major and beyond. In addition, I hope to further... read more