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Adithya Sudhan

Thrissur, Kerala, India
Adithya Sudhan

Major and graduation

Computer Engineering ~ May 2020

Short-Term Goals

I believe in work done neatly, in style and with passion. I will work hard to ensure that I bring this philosophy into all my work, academics and otherwise. Besides keeping the grades in the air, I’d like to strengthen the relationships I have with the many amazing people I’ve met and will continue to meet at IIT. I hope those crazy conversations last well into the future. I cherish them much more than I can express.
The most important parts of my college experience will be the friends I make here and the attitudes I forge as I walk through. I hope to have the privilege of cultivating both in luxury.

I plan to read a lot more books and watch many more movies. I hope their stardust rubs off on me. Books and movies help me live longer and more meaningfully than I otherwise would. I owe a lot of my personality to them.

I’d love to be involved in humanitarian work that positively impacts people to a significant extent. I will continue to work on incorporating the YOLO philosophy into everything I do ;)

Long-Term Goals

I want to work with NGOs and international bodies like the UN to provide more people access to the amenities and opportunities they need to live a fulfilled life. This includes better access to basic necessities, affordable education, ample healthcare and safety.

Given my background in engineering, I expect to be in a position to use my skillset to the advantage of non-profit as well as social entrepreneurship missions. My goal is to become an international civil servant.

I’d also love to write books that open new horizons and open new debates that leave us all better off than we were.

I can’t imagine being who I am without the continuous and stubborn support and nourishment of my family. Likewise, I want to excel at totally devoting myself to my partner and our family.

I also can’t wait to play the multitude of roles, pleasant and otherwise, that we all have the honor of going through.

I want to wake up every day feeling in tune with my heart and knowing that my work shapes lives for the better.

When I get to my last day, I want to have used up every ounce of my spirit to uphold the honor, justice and integrity of society and its denizens.

Above all, I want to be of service to those around me. That, entirely, is my religion. 

Leadership Experience

  • President (High School) : 2014-2015
  • Teaching Assistant (CS115 and CS116) : 2016-2017
  • Leadership Academy Scholar : 2017- Present