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Anoopa Sundararajan

Anoopa Sundararajan

Major & Graduation

Applied Mathematics ~

Short-Term Goals

Balancing academic achievement with extracurricular involvement is currently my biggest focus. Illinois Tech has a lot more to offer than the classes we take, but those experiences are purely contingent on our seeking them out and making the most of them. I'm constantly looking for exciting opportunities to learn and grow from and I hope the year ahead will provide just that and much more. At the same time, academics are an extremely important part of my collegiate life and maintaining a high GPA throughout my time in college is vital to my success as a student.

Currently and in the upcoming academic year, a large part of my focus besides academics is in my capacity as editor-in-chief of our university newspaper, TechNews. As I look to graduate next spring, another one of my biggest focuses now and in the next few months is to find the right internship and career opportunities that will enable me to learn and grow. I believe that these experiences will combine to provide me with the all-round development that I hope to achieve. 

I plan to graduate in Spring 2017 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Applied Mathematics and Psychology. 

Long-Term Goals

In the long run, I want to be able to look back at the life I've lived and know that I impacted the community around me positively at every stage in my life. Today, at Illinois Tech, that might translate to being a SOAR leader during Welcome Week, or serving on the Student Government Association’s finance board to facilitate an active on-campus experience, but I aspire to impact the global community in the future.  I look forward to interesting career opportunities where I can apply the things I've learned in college to real-world scenarios that help change people's lives for the better. 

I hope to be involved in causes that I am passionate about, including but not limited to education for all, sanitary living conditions for people in rural India (and other places around the world), and women empowerment. There are numerous ways through which these goals can be achieved, and while I may not have that part completely figured out yet, I trust that my experiences throughout my time at Illinois Tech will prepare me well to go into the world and eventually create a path for myself to accomplish my long-term goals.

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Finance Board, Student Government Association (SGA): Spring 2014–Spring 2016
  • SOAR Leader, Office of Campus Life: Spring 2015
  • Copy Editor, TechNews: Fall 2013–Spring 2016
  • Editor-in-Chief, TechNews: Spring 2016–Present
  • Research Assistant, Lewis College of Human Sciences: Spring 2015–Summer 2015