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Anthea Gonzalez

Round Rock, Texas
Anthea Gonzalez

Major and Graduation

B.S. in Information Technology and Management, Master's in Cyber Forensics and Security - Graduation Date: May 2022

Short-Term Goals

I plan on graduating from Illinois Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Management and a Master’s Degree in Cyber Forensics and Security. In addition, I want to keep an active profile around the Illinois Tech student community, while continuing to grow, develop, and improve my leadership skills. Aside from the M.A. and Lila Self Leadership Academy, I am also heavily involved in the Women in Cybersecurity Student Chapter and Kappa Phi Delta Sorority, where I currently serve on both of the executive boards, and I plan to continue to stay involved with both organizations until my graduation. In addition to learning from my coursework, I want to continuously practice and improve my cybersecurity and programming skills outside of the classroom. Over the next few years at Illinois Tech I want to continue to maintain both an effective study schedule and meaningful relationships in addition to improving on my cybersecurity/programming and leadership skills along the way. 

Long-Term Goals

As an aspiring security engineer, I want to dedicate my life to keeping people and their data safe; I want to help design, construct, and improve both current and future computer forensic software that is used to collect and preserve digital evidence in cyber crimes. I also want to help develop the security aspects in the design of systems that need to be able to deal robustly with possible sources of disruption, ranging from natural disasters to malicious acts throughout my career. In addition, I want to inspire and motivate young girls to pursue STEM careers, to be the mentor that I wanted when I was twelve years old. Growing up it was difficult to envision myself where I am now, so being able to use my experience and passion to motivate young girls to accomplish their goals would bring me a great sense of joy and satisfaction. Lastly, I also plan on adopting senior cats and dogs from animal shelters to help them live their last years in a loving home, travel to all seven continents, and to learn Morse code.

Leadership Experience

  • Scholar - Leadership Academy - Fall 2017-Present
  • Member - Association for Computing Machinery Women - Fall 2017-Present
  • Member - STARS Computing Corps - Spring 2018-Spring 2019
  • Secretary - Women in Cybersecurity - Fall 2018-Spring 2019
  • President - Women in Cybersecurity - Fall 2019-Present
  • Active Member - Kappa Phi Delta Sorority - Spring 2018-Present
  • Vice President of Education - Kappa Phi Delta Sorority - Spring 2019-Present