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Asma Shuaibi

Chicago, Illinois
Asma Shuaibi


Biomedical Engineering - MAS Chemical Engineering - Graduation Date: May 2021

Short-Term Goals

As I finish up my undergraduate career at Illinois Tech, my short term goals have revolved heavily around continuing to seek challenges that would allow me to grow as an individual. I strive to put hard work into my academic studies and excel beyond my core classes by working to gain experience in the Biomedical Engineering field. I plan to gain this experience through continuing my cell and tissue engineering research, and seeking more internship opportunities that will prepare me for a career in the industry. In an effort to expand my knowledge past the technical aspects of engineering, I want to incorporate different courses and learning opportunities for myself. Through contribution to student organizations on campus, I hope that I can give back to the student body. By building connections with the student body, I hope to provide the students with support and any guidance they may need as they also progress through their undergraduate careers. I want to always give back to my community by working to motivate other students to accomplish their goals. 

Long-Term Goals

My goals for the future focus on working in a field that will challenge me and bring me contentment. More specifically, I hope to work in a setting that will fuse my interest in biomedical engineering, and the admiration I have working directly with people. After working for a few years, I aim to lead an innovative project within the medical industry. Upon gaining experience in the engineering industry, I want to return to school and get my PhD. This goal roots from a strong desire to teach college students and directly impact the future generations by being a part of their educational experience. All the while, I want to continue my involvement in the organizations I partook in college, such as the Society of Women Engineers and Students for Justice in Palestine. I want to work to empower underrepresented women in the STEM field. I hope to integrate myself within the community and be a community leader that can help raise awareness of social issues and directly work to improve matters. Ultimately, I hope to lead a life where I can make meaningful impacts in my career and society.

Leadership Experience

  • Events Coordinator - Students for Justice in Palestine - 2017-2019
  • President - Students for Justice in Palestine - 2019-current
  • Education Chair - UNICEF - 2017-2019
  • Events Coordinator- Society of Women Engineers - 2018-2019
  • Secretary - Society of Women Engineers - 2019-current
  • Radio Show Host - WIIT Radio - 2016-2017