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Brandon Simons

Edmonds, Washington, and Busan, South Korea
Brandon Simons

Short-Term Goals

I have many short-term goals that I wish to address for my next couple of years. The first and most important is to maintain a 3.5 GPA for my undergraduate years at Illinois Tech. Within this goal I want to gain internships through my academics and participation as a leadership scholar.

The second is to become as involved as I can within the Illinois Tech community. I want to explore different clubs and attend multiple events to determine where to put my leadership. I want to involve myself in activities that I have a passion for so that I can create the largest impact to the school and its students. I want to be able to give back to Illinois Tech what it has given to me. One of the ways that I want to do this is to become a residential advisor and a TA.

With all of this being said, I also want to have balance. This includes being a Leadership Scholar, participating in activities, and maintaining a high academic standard but also being social. Therefore, I need to prep myself and organize my time well to achieve all of these goals. I want my college experience to be as complete as it can be.

Another large part of my short-term goals is to be involved with philanthropy, as I have always had a passion for volunteering. At Illinois Tech, I have volunteered for the Chicago Marathon Tech Team and for the Chicago Men’s Health Urbanathalon. I always look into different volunteering opportunities to become a part of!

Long-Term Goals

My long-term goals stretch towards my later years at Illinois Tech and my future career.

For my later years, I want to be able to learn Korean as it is a major part of my heritage. Along these lines, I want to do a study abroad program in South Korea to improve my language skills and become more familiar with Korean culture. I understand the importance of having an international mindset, and want to work toward this achievement.

My goals for my career past Illinois Tech is split between two paths. On one side, I have always been interested in renewable and sustainable energy. Growing up, I have always been passionate toward nature and the environment. I want to be one of the major pioneers towards a big breakthrough in how we produce energy and practice being sustainable

The second path I have thought about is to go into the computer and technology industry. I’ve always wanted to go into the research and development area of large corporations such as Google or Microsoft.

Through these two goals, I want to continue to develop and reinforce my leadership skills in the forms of group projects and leadership positions. My ultimate dream is to found a research and development corporation that will work toward improving general society.

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Floor Representative, Residential Hall Advisor (2014–2015)
  • Tech Team Volunteer, IIT Office of Admissions (2014–2015)
  • Student Ambassador, IIT Office of Admissions (2015–Present)
  • Senator, Student Government Association (2014–Present)
  • Philanthropy Chair, Triangle Fraternity (2014)
  • Tiny House Project Lead (2014–Present), Events Coordinator (2014–2015) President (2015–Present), Engineers for a Sustainable World