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Brianna Galvan

Cary, Illinois

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goals include keeping up with my workout schedule, working out the kinks in my study groups, keeping my GPA up, graduating and getting my teaching certificate.  Next year I am hoping to study abroad.  I feel that this experience will broaden my views on life and make me a better leader by giving me worldly experiences and pulling me further out of my comfort zone. I also hope to maintain my standing on the Dean's List.

Long-Term Goals

My long term goal is to graduate with my coterminal degree in civil engineering and a teaching certificate. I hope to be able to use the skills I gain to work for/with a non-for-profit company and travel abroad helping a many different people and learning about their culture!  I hope to one day have a family and enjoy my life.

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Jr. Greek Delegate and Greek Week Chair for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority: November 2015–current
  • Leadership Academy: April 2016–current
  • Exilon Summer Institute Math TA: Summer 2016