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Christopher Hui

Mesa, Arizona
Christopher Hui

Major & Graduation

Mechanical Engineering ~ May 2019

Short-Term Goals

I hope to use my skills and abilities to make a positive impact and difference in the community. I work towards achieving this goal both in the classroom and through my involvement in organizations at IIT, fostering my academic, personal and professional development and preparing me for the world after I graduate. As a returning Resident Advisor, I aspire to build off of my experiences of building a supportive and engaging community for my residents; and I will practice my administrative skills as a Senior Resident Advisor at Carman/Gunsaulus Halls this upcoming academic year. Additionally, I will be working as a program instructor with Illinois Tech's Global Leaders Program this summer mentoring and educating high school students in STEM subjects and helping them prepare for university. Additionally, as a Camras Scholar and a Tech Support Student Ambassador at Undergraduate Admissions, I hope to make a positive impact not just within our student body with the Camras Organization’s campus projects, but also on the next generation of Scarlet Hawks. I strive to always work hard and prepare the best possible foundation for my future studies and career, the next steps in my vision of making a positive difference in the community.

Long-Term Goals

My long term goals or personal vision concern both my professional and personal spheres. As a mechanical engineer, I aspire to apply my judgment, knowledge, and experience to produce the best work for any project I work on. As an individual, I hope to lead a stable, healthy life while giving back to my family, friends, and the community as a whole. Ethics and integrity are essential factors in each half of this vision and drive every step of these goals.

Similar to my experiences of being a Resident Advisor, accountability and the willingness to work hard will drive my career. Because engineering is such an applied science that is deeply connected with the everyday lives of nearly every person, it is critical that I adhere to this vision to ensure that I can use my skill to create the most positive impact. In a field where peoples’ lives may literally depend on projects to which I contribute, I must not tolerate lapses in ethics and I must maintain my integrity and accountability when I encounter errors and misdeeds by raising my voice, rather than being a passive bystander.

In my personal life, I shall act similarly towards both myself and others. Leaders serve others, yet I must watch myself simultaneously that I am doing my best and standing for what is right. Additionally, I believe that it is my responsibility to ensure that I am serving the younger generation as well by giving back through education and guidance such that my life experiences may have a good influence upon the rising generation of individuals and leaders.

Leadership Experience

  • Resident Advisor,IIT Residence and Greek Life—April 2016-present
  • Student Ambassador, IIT Office of Undergraduate Admissions—Sept. 2015-present
  • IIT Alternative Spring Break—Sept. 2015-present
  • IIT Camras Freshman Executive Board—Oct. 2015-May 2016