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Christopher Zurowski

La Grange, Illinois
Christopher Zurowski

Short-Term Goals

  • Have a summer internship that allows me to not only grow in my knowledge about my field of study, but to also develop my leadership skills.
  • Hold an executive office in Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity so that I can continue to show others, through example, about the values of my fraternity.
  • Have the opportunity to represent my fraternity as our chapter delegate for our national conference this summer in Chicago.
  • Begin an improv comedy and stand-up comedy workshop for students at Illinois Tech.
  • Remain an active member and adult leader of my Boy Scout troop back home.

Long-Term Goals

  • Graduate from Illinois Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics, then return to receive a Master's Degree in Health Physics.
  • Eventually get my teaching certificate and teach high school students, and help foster a love for learning and personal development.
  • Utilize the skills I have learned throughout my life to become a role model for my children and my community.
  • Travel the world and instill in others the many life lessons and skill I have acquired throughout my lifetime.
  • Make the world a better place for all.

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Vice President of Operations, IIT A Cappella (Fall 2015–Present)
  • Social Chair, Phi Kappa Sigma (Spring 2015–Spring 2016)
  • Judicial Board Member, Phi Kappa Sigma (Spring 2015–Present)