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Courtney Curcio

Chandler, Arizona
Courtney Curcio


Architecture – May 2021 

Short-Term Goals

Short term goals are what I live by. Each morning, I set myself three goals to accomplish that day which is not a difficult feat. However, the positive cognitive feedback from completing these smallest of goals excites me to keep a steady work-flow and manage my stress.

Of course I strive to keep a GPA above a 3.75 and graduate with honors, but I also want to make sure I am truthfully absorbing the material I learn. These skills I am learning now are eventually what will kick start my career, so the more I soak up now the more it will benefit me in the future. The ultimate short-term career goal is to get a summer internship at an architecture firm within the next few years which would then hopefully turn into a full-time job after college.

I also strive to become a better leader. Leadership Academy is really the first step towards accomplishing this goal, and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. I do believe that before you can guide others you must have an established self-awareness of your own person. Self-reflection and improvement are part of my daily routine, and plan to continue this introspective journey to uncover my passions and purpose.

Along with that, I believe human connections are a very important to adding depth in your life, so as I learn more about myself I am also working on learning more about others. In my sorority, Kappa Phi Delta, friendship is our fundamental principal and I truly feel as if I have learned to be a drastically better friend over just this last year. I cannot wait to see how my relationships with my friends will continue to grow. Specifically pertaining to Kappa, my goal is to serve on our executive board with hopes to one day become president.

Within the next decade, I would like to be producing meaningful work in the architecture field, own my own residence, make a difference in someone’s life, be able to sufficiently cook for myself, travel outside of the country, and be starting a family.

Long-Term Goals

I have a strong desire to start my own architecture firm sometime in my life. Through this, I hope to dedicate time to solving some sort of societal problem through my knowledge in the architecture field. I expect my passion for architecture will continue to grow into a fulfilling career. Put simply, I want to make a positive change in this world so that we can leave earth a better place than we found it. The most direct path I envision to accomplishing this goal is to work in a humanitarian or environmental architecture firm.

Positivity is something I work towards every day and I cannot imagine myself without my “glass-half-full” personality, so continuing down this path the rest of my life is a large priority. I view positivity as a lifestyle rather than a mood or feeling, and spreading the positive lifestyle is my main goal. I also strive to incorporate this into my own unique form of leadership; creating a positive environment for those who I may be working with in the future. I also feel as if I have a responsibility to lead others towards uncovering their full potential in debt to those who have done the same for me.

At a more personal level, I want to play volleyball for as long as my body may let me, continue to foster the great relationships I have with all my family members, become a great mother and wife, enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and leave this earth without any regrets.

Leadership Experience

  • Risk Manager - Kappa Phi Delta - Spring 2018
  • Social Chair - Kappa Phi Delta - Spring 2018
  • House Manager - Kappa Phi Delta - Spring 2019
  • Captain - Illinois Tech Women's Volleyball - 2018-2019
  • Leadership Academy - 2018-2019
  • Secretary - Order of Omega - 2018
  • Communications and Networking Team - Chicago Undergraduate Leadership Conference - 2019-2020