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Daniel Joseph Allen

Chicago, Illinois
Daniel Joseph


Architecture – May 2022 

Short-Term Goals

Short term goals for me heavily revolve around the hierarchy of priorities in my life. Those priorities are derivative of my long term goals and also depend on the season of life I am in. Since I am transitioning from academic life to summer work life, some of my short term goals are to have a fantastic final year as a Chicago Park District beach lifeguard and to focus on physical fitness. I also want to put a lot of energy into personal development. This includes continuing to seek out knowledge outside of the classroom, so I have a collection of books I am eager to get into. Additionally, I aim to practice my skills in graphic design softwares and teach myself additional digital programs that I can use for architecture in the future. On the note of architecture, I will spend a lot of time developing my portfolio for both academic documentation and professional opportunities. Another part of personal development is surrounding myself with the people who build me up, so I look forward to catching up with friends and family who challenge me to be better every day.

Long-Term Goals

In the simplest of terms, I want to be a part of something that changes the world. I’ve always had this drive to do something big, something noteworthy. But the magnitude of what I did was less important to me then the scope and social impact of it. My goal is to specialize in urbanism and green city planning, a step that could put me in a position to solve future social issues that are imminent—like mass urbanization and climate change induced catastrophes. When I think about what architecture does, I consider it to be one of the most societally influential aspects of our modern world. Architecture influences how we experience our environment. It dictates infrastructure and the daily life patterns of individuals. The best architectural decisions go unnoticed because they make life simple and easy. It can bring light and beauty into the world and change a person’s perspective. That’s something I want to do. In order to get to that place and be a conduit of change, I need to develop my skills as an architect and continue to be curious about the world. Traveling, reading, and interacting with motivated individuals, on top of dedication to academics are all steps I am taking to engage my curiosity and develop my skillsets.

Leadership Experience

Finance Chair - iitAIAS Freedom by Design, 2017-2018
Baseball Team Captain - CMSA High School, 2016-2017
Lifeguard - Chicago Park District, 2015-2018
Junior Lifeguard Coach - Chicago Park District, 2016
Sound Technician - Uptown Baptist Church, 2015-2016
Senior Patrol Leader - Boy Scout Troop 923, 2015-2016