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Dhanisha Jothi Geerdharry

Vacoas, Mauritius
Dhanisha Jothi Geerdharry


Mechanical Engineering – May 2021 

Short-Term Goals

My goals are keep my GPA above a 3.8 and graduate summa cum laude in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace. My internship with Cummins as a Product Engineer will help develop my technical and interpersonal skills so I may be better prepared to take on future leadership positions. After the internship, I will use my current network and bolstered resume to secure a 2019 summer internship with the commercial wing of Boeing.

“People need someone who cares enough to help,” is one of my biggest mottos in life. After seeing my parents struggle to give me the best education, I want to help other students through mentorship in STEM fields and help them advance their interests. I ultimately want to make a real impact in my community.

Furthermore, I will take on more challenges, step out of my comfort zone and learn from all the experiences I will gain at Leadership Academy to craft myself as a better leader as well as a better individual.

Lastly, although I’m studying engineering, I will not let go of my creative side. I want to keep painting and create new artworks which help me engage with others in a different way.

Long-Term Goals

My long term goals include both career and life goals. After graduating Illinois Tech, I will use all the skills I gained throughout my life to advance in my career and work my way up to become a manager at an aerospace company. I will work hard so that my company sees the value in sponsoring me to pursue a master’s degree in aerospace so that I can come back with more potential.

Outside of my career, I want to help students pursue their college career without the burden of uncertain finances. My goal will be to establish scholarships open to Illinois Tech students in need and also give back to Leadership Academy.

Other than this, I want to be able to live near Seattle and become a part of the Washington community. I want to help preserve forested land, volunteer to help the less fortunate in the city, and work with high school students to get them excited about STEM fields. I also plan to use some of my free time exploring the area around the Puget Sound.

I will strengthen my relationships with my family and give back to them financially. Even if I already grew up in a multicultural island, I wish to travel across the world whenever I have time to learn about other cultures and connect with more people.

Leadership Experience

Resident Advisor - Residence and Greek Life - (Fall 2018-Present)
Vice-President - Future Leadership Initiative at Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)
Publicity Manager - Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - (Fall 2017-Spring 2018)
Student Employment Ambassador - Career Services Center - (Spring 2017-Fall 2017)
Project Coordinator - ELI Africa - (Spring 2015-Fall 2016)
Part-Time Teacher - ELI Africa - (Spring 2015-Fall 2016)