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Diana Wu

Bettendorf, Iowa
Diana Wu

Major and graduation

Chemical Engineering; Pre-Medical ~ May 2020

Short-Term Goals

As school is an incredibly important aspect of my life, within the new few months and years, I aim to learn the most effectively and thoroughly in my major and beyond. In addition, I hope to further my involvement in committees, organizations, and research in biophysics. Having the opportunity this previous year to work with Student Speak, Student Gift, AIChE, Engineers without Borders, MEDLIFE, and the SGA Judicial Board, I look forward to continuing contribution and furtherment in creating even more positive experiences for students at Illinois Tech.

Aside from academic goals, personal goals that I have set include developing a stronger work-life balance as well as exploring new languages and instruments. Latin in particular has been an interest of mine. With an understanding and foundation in Latin, ancient texts and art can be appreciated in new perspectives.
It is within these short term goals that I hope to expand my profession and to greater learn as a part of the Leadership Academy.  

Long-Term Goals

Deviating from the traditional path of a chemical engineer, I plan pursue a healthcare-related career post-graduation. With the rapid advancements of medical technology, it is important to bring an engineering perspective to healthcare, leading to more effective procedures for cures and better treatment of patients. Engineering, specifically chemical engineering as chemical interactions serve much like the core pneumatic system of the human body, can spark innovative solutions and help build a strong foundation for entering the healthcare or research career in handling challenges with the engineering rigorousness, precision, and creativity. As a part of Illinois Tech’s B.S./D.O. Dual Admission Medical Program, I anticipate attending Midwestern University. Furthermore, in augmenting a both medical and engineering career path, I seek to be a part of the volunteering teams at local Chicago hospitals and potentially one day participate in medical entrepreneurship projects and competitions. 

Leadership Experience

Judicial Board, Student Government Association Illinois Tech – March 2017 to Present
Events Committee, SWE IIT – January 2016 to Present
Conference Coordinator , AIChE IIT -- November 2016 to Present
Survey Team and Presenter, Student Speak IIT -- September 2016 to February 2016
Gala and Fundraising Team, Engineers without Borders – August 2016 to Present
Future Physicians of American Quad Cities Division Advisor, Pleasant Valley High School, Bettendorf, Iowa – June 2016 to Present