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Elijah Irizarry

Park Ridge, Illinois
Elijah Irizarry


Information Technology and Management – May 2021 

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goals are primarily focused on my academics and gaining experience in technological positions so that I will be prepared for when I finish my education and seek employment and make my mark in the world. I seek to excel in my academics so that I have the proper grades and GPA so that I continue to excel in the co-terminal program offered by Illinois Tech. The co-terminal program was one of the main reasons I chose Illinois Tech. Now that I am in this program I am on the path towards gaining a Master's in Cyber Forensics and Security with an additional year on campus and gain a more likely chance of being hired. It is a challenge, but I have full confidence I will be stable academically if I stick to the same habits and work ethic this school year.

I am also seeking technological positions or internships that can provide me with more knowledge and experience in my field. I have finally been able to work as an IT Support Rep during the Summer of 2019, yet I will not stop searching for more internships that reflect more towards the Master's degree I am working to obtain now. Experience in a workplace is very important and I do want to gain some experience in Cyber Security and Forensics outside of my academic courses. When I attain this goal, I will be one step closer to being expert in my field who can contribute to the ever-changing industry of Information Technology and the quality of life for everyone.

Lastly, one of my last short-term goals is to implement the knowledge and experiences I gain from the Leadership Academy to clubs and organizations on campus, and possibly acquire more executive positions in various clubs so I can improve their impact on campus.

Long-Term Goals

My long-term goals are to be a Cyber Security Specialist working for the national government and to be able to assist my sister in her college endeavors by paying a part of her tuition. I have longed to work for the federal government and working with any of its agencies. I want to work in the federal government because I believe that is the best position where I can best serve the US and my family from cyber threats while also learning from the best in my field. In the long term, I also want to have a leadership role, or management position in charge of others and handling presentation and lectures to others about the importance of Cyber Forensics and Security and the work I would do. I not only want this job as it is my passion, but it will be the best way to help my sister in her college endeavors three years from now. She wants to go to medical school and be a pediatrician. She is very passionate about it and I wish to see her dreams succeed. I want to lift the burden of her college tuition the best I can because that is what family does for each other, we support and help each other so we can attain our goals and dreams and make them reality.

Leadership Experience

  • Vice President of Circle K International at Illinois Tech (Spring 2017- Spring 2018)
  • President of Circle K International at Illinois Tech (Spring 2018 - Present)
  • Leadership Academy Scholar (Spring 2018 - Present)
  • Park Ridge Library Volunteer (Fall 2015 - Present)