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Emma Stohlman

Dumfries, Virginia
Emma Stohlman

major and Graduation

Astrophysics and Physics, 2021

Short-Term Goals

I aim to graduate from Illinois Tech with Bachelor's degrees in Astrophysics and Physics, and to be active in the campus community. Throughout my life, I've found that taking advantage of and opening yourself up to unexpected opportunities is the best way to progress your career. I first found Illinois Tech because I took a campus tour on a whim, and I've found myself participating in a Capitol Hill internship because I took advantage of an unexpected opportunity. I plan to continue to expand my horizons throughout my time at Illinois Tech, and I remain open to new opportunities and changes in my career path. I hope to get to better know students in my major while working with them, and to forge lasting friendships. Active participation and involvement on campus will be a primary goal for me, as I want to be able to better know my fellow students and positively impact the campus and it's students. I hope to use the skills I'm able to learn in the Leadership Academy to help my fellow students self-advocate for various issues on campus.  

Long-Term Goals

Throughout the rest of my collegiate career, I plan to gain more experience in science policy through internships and meeting with individuals in the field. I've found that I have a passion for data-driven legislation and science communication. I hope to gain experience working in the private sector of science policy after having worked in the public sector, particularly in research universities and consulting firms. After earning my Bachelor's degrees, I plan to return to DC to pursue a career in science policy. I hope to find a position where I can be actively involved in working to improve the understanding of scientific advancements within the U.S. government, specifically Congress, in the hopes of enabling better legislation and funding for important programs that may otherwise be written off. In the distant future, I plan to work to establish a scholarship program sponsoring students to pursue a degree in physics, particularly for students in low-income areas who may not have the opportunities to participate in physics-based programs prior to college.

Leadership Experience

  • National Conference Chair - Residence Hall Association - (2017-2019)
  • Programming Chair - National Parks and Recreation Club - (2017-2018)