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Emmalee Ciriacks

West Bend, WI
Emmalee Ciriacks


Biomedical and Chemical Engineering- Graduation Date: May 2021

Short-Term Goals

As a biomedical and chemical engineering student, my short term goal is to gain diverse industry experience in both specializations. I have held positions that emphasize medical research, materials engineering, and mechanical engineering as they relate to healthcare. I enjoy learning new skills, and hope to continue doing so after college. In addition to career goals, I aim to be an active student on campus. I participate in many areas of student life including an on-campus job at IIT's Idea Shop. The Idea Shop is a place where students can come to do prototyping work. The shop has wood working tools, 3D printers, CAD software, and many other hands-on tools. As a lab mentor, I get to learn something new with every project that I assist on. Lastly, I look forward to co-leading the marketing committee of the Leadership Academy, where we advertise LA events on campus. It is exciting to see all IIT students expanding their leadership skills through the Sophomore Leadership retreat and Saturday Seminars. 

Long-Term Goals

One of my long term career goals is to modify complex medical devices into tools that can be utilized in places with little infrastructure. Many people around the world do not have access to a dependable power supply and require medical equipment that can function without it. By focusing my career in this area, I look forward to working with cross functional teams from all around the world. It is challenging to develop instruments that are custom fit for a certain location and purpose, and will require collaboration from many fields. I hope that acquiring a diverse skill set in college will assist me in this.

My second long term career goal is to help set up medical clinics around the world in response to disease outbreaks. The speed at which an outbreak affects a country can be considerably slowed with a quick response and an increase in treatment facilities. Many engineering skills are required to maintain sterility in such clinics to ensure that all patients and medical professionals remain safe.

Leadership Experience

  • Marketing Committee Co-Chair- Leadership Academy- August 2019 to present
  • Love to Dance
    • President - Fall 2018-Spring 2019
    • Vice President - Fall 2017-Spring 2018
  • Camras Scholar- 2016 to present
  • Captain- IIT Women's Track and Field- March 2017 to May 2018