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Emmalee Ciriacks

West Bend, WI
Emmalee Ciriacks


Biomedical Engineering ~ May 2020

Short-Term Goals

My short term goals are centered around being an active student on campus. I enjoy participating in many areas of student life including athletics, academics, and undergraduate research. As a captain of the Women's Track and Field team at IIT, I plan to play an instrumental role in growing the program during my four years. I hope to see the team reach its full potential in both size and dedication. As a student athlete and leader, I would like to see the IIT student body increase its school spirit through athletics. Additionally, I plan to explore and conduct research on campus through the Biomedical Engineering Department. I hope to pursue research opportunities in my career, and am eager to begin as a student. I hope that taking on responsibilities early in a lab setting will prepare me for the future. Lastly, I aim to maintain high academic standing not only in terms of GPA, but also academic integrity. I hope to acquire a wide range of knowledge while still in school to carry into my career. 

Long-Term Goals

My long term goals include career goals as well as life goals. I hope to have a successful career that improves the world around me, and uses my strengths to benefit others. Biomedical Engineering is a unique field where biology, chemistry and engineering are focused on the treatment of both human diseases and other medical challenges in the hospital setting. I plan to earn a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering, and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from IIT. After graduating, I will enter the field of research in either academia or industry. I hope to improve treatment techniques for many diseases so they are less painful for patients to experience. I also hope such treatment techniques will provide a larger chance for success and recovery, and that any hardship experienced by the patient will no longer be in vain. Secondly, a long term life goal of mine is to balance my work life with family and friends. I hope to stay active and explore the outdoors through hiking, camping, and kayaking. 

Leadership Experience

  • Captain- IIT Women's Track and Field- March 2017 to present
  • Camras Scholar- 2016 to present