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Hamze "Leo" Sukkar

Damascus, Syria
Hamze "Leo" Sukkar

Major & Graduation

Computer Engineering & Engineering Management ~ May 2018

Short Term Goals

Coming to the United States, I understood the significance of balancing my college life between academics and extracurricular activities. In the short term, my goals are mainly based around academic success and leadership development. While my top priority remains keeping my GPA high, I will always work hard to get involved in opportunities where I can be of service to the community and grow as a person and a leader. I want to pursue summer internships while in college to assist in my development and preparation in my desired career field. I would like to be an active person in the community and join organizations to make change on campus every chance I get. Being active through every service opportunity allows me to learn something new and valuable, and give back to the community that has supported me from the start. Towards my senior year in college, I will shift my gears to focus on technical extra curricular activities such as research and side projects in order to boost up my knowledge and hands on experience which will be attractive to employees.

Long Term Goals

After studying computer engineering and engineering management, I want to spend a couple of years getting experience in the field. However, eventually, I want to get a Master of Business Administration degree. My goal after getting an MBA is to focus my energy on business and entrepreneurship, which I have always admired and enjoyed.

Today, technology is important across industries. By combining my engineering degree with business, I aim to get involved in the ever-growing technology field as an entrepreneur with an engineering background. By the time I am able to support myself, my ultimate and most important life goal is to start giving back to my family that has assisted me and sacrificed to get me to where I am now. I would also like to give back to the schools that have embraced me and shaped me, as well as my home country by assisting in building it larger and greater than before. Somewhere down the line, I want to be leading a group of motivated individuals either by starting my own company or reaching leadership of an existing one.

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • President -- Student Government Association (April 2016 – April 2017)
  • Resident Advisor -- Residence & Greek Life (August 2014 – Present)
  • Program Instructor – Illinois Tech Global Leaders Program (Summer 2015)
  • Vice President of Student Life: Student Government Association (April 2015–Present)
  • Resident Advisor: Residence & Greek Life (August 2014–Present)
  • Peer Mentor: Office of Campus Life (January 2014–Present)
  • Assistant Project Mentor: IIT Boeing Scholars Academy (July 2014–Present)
  • Orientation Leader: Office of Campus Life (June 2014–August 2014)
  • Senator: Student Government Association (September 2014–April 2015)
  • Production Manager & Volunteer Chair: TEDxIIT (January 2014–April 2014)
  • Student Speak Committee Member: Center for Research and Service (September 2013–Jan 2014)
  • First Year Student Representative: iitAIAS (August 2013–May 2014)