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Heather Nelson

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Heather Nelson

Short-Term Goals

Before I graduate from Illinois Tech, I plan on participating in at least one startup, getting the Makers Society to a point where the reigns could be passed on to another student, and having experience interning within industry and research fields. Academically, I want to pull my GPA to above a 3.9 and graduate Summa Cum Laude with a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in computer science.

Long-Term Goals

I want to be directing a team of engineers whose focus is on developing innovative technology to solve problems in the research and development industry. I plan to contribute to the international research community through making my team’s technology open source so as to better spread our name and work. I also hope to accomplish a personal life goal of mine: hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Leadership Academy (2016–Present)
  • IIT Maker Society (2015–Present)