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Iris Doriane Uwizeyimana

Kigali, Rwanda
Iris Doriane Uwizeyimana


Computer Engineering – May 2020 

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goals include being an outstanding student in the Computer Engineering field by maintaining a high GPA and doing research related to networks and communications. I plan on having some published work by my senior year related to the networks and communications field and continue onto graduate school focusing on networks.

My other short-term goals include improving my leadership skills throughout my undergraduate years and being a great addition to my teams (be it the leadership academy team, the resident advisor team, and also the tutoring team at the academic and resource center) by providing excellent services to my fellow peers as a tutor and as an advisor and by also providing support to my teammates and building strong relationships with them.

As a linguistic and cultural admirer, I also want to learn Spanish and be able to have a fluent conversation in Spanish by the end of my undergraduate years. I also want to keep practicing my mother tongue (Kinyarwanda) and French, to not lose fluency in both languages.

Long-Term Goals

I have always lived by a motto of giving back and sharing knowledge has been one of the things I have always enjoyed throughout my tutoring days of high school and college; that is why being a professor is one of my long-term goals as it would not only give me an opportunity to share knowledge I acquired, but to also keep learning through research. My other long-term goal is to give back to my community by creating opportunities for young adults to receive excellent higher-level education by improving their educational systems (especially colleges) through funding for better school facilities such as labs and libraries, and by either giving more training to existing professors or by bringing more knowledgeable professors in their institutions. Along with providing better education, my other long-term goal would be to help those students get employed upon graduating by creating job opportunities for them by convincing various investors to gauge their funds to positively exploit the riches the African continent has to offer not only to them as investors but also to the African community.

Leadership Experience

Resident Advisor - Illinois Tech Resident and Greek Life - August 2017-current
CS Tutor - Academic and Resource Center- November 2017-current
MATH 252 SI - Academic and Resource Center- August 2017-November 2017
Vice President - The African Student Organization- August 2017-April 2018