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Jillian Edwards

Kingston, Jamaica
Jillian Edwards


Civil Engineering – May 2020 

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goals change very frequently but are currently focused around exposing myself to new knowledge and ways of thinking. After recently adding a minor in Computer Science, I am trying to develop my coding skills and expose myself to new programming languages. Participating in some form of Structural Engineering related research through the CAEE department is also another short-term goal of mine.
My physical well-being is also extremely important to me, and so I aim to develop and stick to a set workout schedule and continue to be as physically active as I can. In addition to this, I am also working towards resuming my participation in regular dance classes- an activity which I have undertaken for the greater part of my life. Finally, I hope to remain an active member of the Illinois Tech community by making a positive and lasting impact through my positions on campus – specifically in the residence halls where I am a Resident Advisor. Balancing all these goals while still giving each one hundred per cent of my effort, would, however, be my ultimate and most important short-term goal.

Long-Term Goals

Long-term goals for me are centered around using all the opportunities I have been given and the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired to then give back to society. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue my master’s degree in Structural Engineering and gain experience with a design firm.
I have always been passionate about heightening awareness about various aspects of climate change, particularly those which have been posing a severe threat to civilization within recent years; namely coastal erosion and sea-level rise. Therefore, I intend to eventually start my own firm concentrating on developing structures focused at combatting these issues. In addition, my plans include developing programs which focus on educating persons about these issues and providing outreach to areas which have been impacted by these events. My later years will hopefully be spent lecturing – and continuing to accumulate information relating to my field of interest. Partnering with non-profits and doing my best to educate and develop others will always be a goal that I work towards, and one that I will always work hard towards ensuring is met.

Leadership Experience

Resident Advisor - 2017/18, 2018/19
Secretary, National Society of Black Engineers - 2018 /19
Secretary , Structural Engineers Association IIT - 2018/19
Director, Illinois Tech Finance Board - 2017/18
SOAR Leader - 2017/18
SGA Senator - 2016/17