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Keara Rigg

Orland Park, Illinois
Keara Rigg


Chemistry – Graduation Date: May 2020 

Short-Term Goals

My short term goals are to continue to take care of myself through practicing yoga every day as well as doing well academically. I hope to maintain the balance between my academics and my passion for music: specifically playing guitar, cello and singing.

This upcoming year, I will be the President of 33rd Street Productions and a goal I have is to increase involvement with theater at Illinois Tech. In previous years, our attendance to plays and amount of people who are active in the organization has been dwindling. With my new role as president, I plan to increase our publicity and make 33rd Street Productions a well-known organization on campus.

I also wish to start my ulcerative colitis blog. The Inflammatory Bowel Disease community is one that unfortunately has a lot of stigma attached to it, and I hope to change that by sharing my story. I will also continue my volunteer work at Lurie Children’s hospital and be an advocate and confidant for children who suffer with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. It can be an isolating experience for children to go through and I am fortunate enough to be able to provide some comfort and advice.

Long-Term Goals

For the long-term, my career goal is to become a pediatric gastroenterologist so that I can help children who are going through similar illnesses that I suffered as a child. Some of my life goals are to never stop learning and, no matter what happens in life, to never lose my positivity and humor. I have always had the mantra of "everything happens for a reason" and I hope to continue to be an advocate for ulcerative colitis survivors and the IBD community.

Another one of my long-term goals is to run the Chicago marathon on behalf of Lurie Children’s Hospital. From being so sick when I was younger and unable to do basic everyday tasks, it would be a truly amazing feat to run a marathon. I am proud to say that I am a healthy, strong and resilient individual. Running a marathon would prove to me that I can truly do anything I put my mind to.

I have always been an animal lover and in the future I hope to foster animals who need help healing from various medical setbacks, or need time to recover from abusive situations. While I can’t currently foster (they don’t let animals in the dorms!) I plan on doing so when I have my own home.

Leadership Experience

Ostomy Ambassador - Lurie Children's Hospital - Summer 2016 to Present
Student Ambassador - Illinois Tech Undergraduate Admissions - January 2017 to Present
Musical Director - X-Chromotones - September 2017 to Present
Vice President - 33rd Street Productions - Fall 2017 to Present
President - 33rd Street Productions - March 2018 to Present
Scholar - Leadership Academy - March 2018 to Present