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Lissette Beltran

Hanover Park, Illinois

Major & Graduation

Electrical Engineering ~ May 2018

Short-Term Goals

My short term goals are to graduate with honors from Illinois Tech in the spring with my degree in Electrical Engineering, move to Texas to start working at NASA Johnson Space Center in the summer as a Robotics Engineer, and continue inspiring young minds through community service and outreach.

While being a student at Illinois Tech, I had the opportunity to Co-Op at NASA Johnson Space Center. I had the privilege of working alongside the best engineers in the country. I strive to share the knowledge and experience I gained with others and inspire them to push themselves to be successful.

Additionally, my goal is to increase the amount of speaking events that I do and expand my audience from local schools in the Chicago area to schools in the suburbs and work with kids as young as kindergarten . Before I move to Texas my goal is to speak at my elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Long-Term Goals

Long term, my goal is to make an impact on my community. I strive to be the role model I wish I had growing up. I hope to empower young Hispanic women to dream big and pursue these dreams with the fervor with which I am pursuing mine because as Lupita said, “No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.”

Having been at NASA for a few years, my goal is to lead a team to develop flight hardware for the International Space Station and gain enough experience to become a robotics subject matter expert.

Education is very important to me and I don't plan to stop after my Bachelor's degree. My goal is to get my masters in electrical engineering and possibly my PhD in robotics.

In addition to contributing to deep space exploration, I plan to establish my own company. Having an electrical background, I see myself doing something with technology but overall I want do things I am passionate about.

Ultimately I plan to check things off my bucket list, that includes becoming a master scuba diver, getting my skydiving certification, and traveling the world. 

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Freshmen Leadership Initiative Treasurer, Internal Vice President, and President, SHPE-IIT