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Mario Serrano

Barranquilla, Colombia
Mario Serrano

Short-Term Goals

  • Enhancing the Illinois Tech physical environment through the use of visual elements that promote social interaction.
  • Completing the Bachelor of Architecture at Illinois Tech with a specialization in digital design, and then a master's degree in architecture and urbanism in London or New York.
  • Attaining more experience on architectural practice, and keeping on visiting large urban metropolises in order to grow in understanding of the urban experience.

Long-Term Goals

  • Working with governments of developing nations such as Colombia, or architectural firms that work directly with such governments in order to design growing cities, and large scale urban projects that affect the fabric of the city, such as transportation hubs and planned developments.
  • With a capital of knowledge from years of work, eventually start a practice that works on projects that affect the way the contemporary metropolis works, enhancing the life of the urban dwellers through public spaces that allow for the growth of the individual and awaken the imagination.

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • SGA Senator, College of Architecture (Fall 2014–Spring 2015)
  • Design Manager, SGA Communications Committee (Fall 2014–Spring 2015)
  • Internal Programmer, Delta Tau Delta (Spring 2015)
  • Philanthropy Chair, Delta Tau Delta (Fall 2015)