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Marissa Ashner

Oswego, Illinois

Short-Term Goals

  • Maintain a 4.0 GPA
  • Work in a research lab at Illinois Tech
  • Be able to understand and apply what I learn in the classroom
  • Make the best out of every situation and never give up
  • Grow as a leader
  • Make a difference on campus




Long-Term Goals

  • Get accepted into a master's program for biostatistics and eventually have a career conducting clinical  research with a private company or hospital
  • Travel the world and learn about different cultures
  • Maintain the friendships I have made at Illinois Tech
  • Leave the world better than I found it

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Secretary, Kappa Phi Delta Sorority­ (Spring 2016–Present)
  • Computer Science Teacher’s Assistant (Spring 2016–Present)
  • Mathematics Tutor, Academic Resource Center (Spring 2016–Present)
  • VP Communications, Alternative Spring Break (Spring 2015–Spring 2016)
  • Greek Council Representative, Kappa Phi Delta Sorority (Fall 2015)