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Mete Morris

Nicosia, Cyprus
Mete Morris

Short-Term Goals

My biggest goals in the short term is making the most out of my classes by learning as much as I can while maintaining a high GPA. I also hope to successfully complete my term with the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Model United Nations (MUN), and Student Government Association (SGA) and help make student organizations more influential on campus. In addition, I want to increase my leadership experience in various other organizations. I want to use my experience on campus thus far to help others, specially freshman to become better on campus leaders.

For this summer I want to get an internship so that I can get more work experience in a field that is related to my future job which will likely be in the computer architecture field.

I wish to conclude the research I have been doing on Policy Driven Health Management under Armour College of Engineering with a successful end product.

Long-Term Goals

After gaining valuable experience in a high-end tech company, I want to establish my own tech company and work towards providing everyone cheap access to the Internet.

After I feel like I have made significant accomplishment in the tech area, I want focus on my biggest goal since my childhood which is to find a way to end the dispute going on in my home country. Cyprus has been divided into two after a civil war which unofficially lasted from 1963 to 1974. There are no final agreements on whether there will be two separate countries on the island or if it will go back to become one, unified country. Although there is no more fighting, there is also no peace agreement; so this ceasefire prevents industry development on both sides (north and south) and blocks foreign investment. I hope that in the future I will be able to find a way to end this conflict once and for all and peacefully for both sides thus helping my home country develop to its potential. 

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Executive Vice-President, Student Government Association (August 2015–April 2016)
  • Vice-President, Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (April 2015–January 2016)       
  • President, Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (January 2016–April 2016)
  • Founder Co-President, Model United Nations (March 2015–Current)
  • Exec Elections Committee Chair, Student Government Association (January 2016–April 2016)
  • Senator at Student Government Association, (February 2015—September 2015)