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Monica Bhagavan

Westmont, Illinois


Biomedical Engineering – May 2020

Short-Term Goals

Throughout my life, taking on challenges has always been a goal I have strived for. Through challenges, I believe, the highest level of learning can be achieved. My short term goals revolve around taking on academic and professional challenges that’ll push me to think. Pushing myself to keep a 3.7 and above GPA as a biomedical engineer is a goal I am constantly striving for. And moreover, truly understanding the material and its application in the real world holds an important role in my philosophy. 

Paralleling this motivation, I would like to continue research in surgery related sciences. Also in the professional realm, I am striving to increase my public speaking skills and learn new attributes to leadership skills as well. Both of which I am currently accomplishing my role as President of American Medical Student Association at IIT.

Outside of academics and professional life, I thoroughly enjoy learning about ongoing innovation, what makes a person tick, and staying fit. A short term goal I am so proud to have achieved was an internship at MATTER, a healthcare incubator for start-ups, where I was able to be on the forefront of medical innovation. Staying fit and in shape was an important ongoing goal since my 7 years on sports teams. And finally, relationships with friends and family has always been a portion of my life that keeps me enjoying life. Recently, my family and I have been traveling abroad. The making those memories of experiencing the world are ones I’ll never forget, and cannot wait for the next trip. 

Before I graduate college, I would like to improve my mentality on being optimistic. More so to see uncertainty in life as an opportunity to achieve rather than fearful negative. Understanding and trusting my values to guide me through those time periods is hopefully what I can learn as my senior year continues.
Before I head into medical school, I will be taking one year in-between to explore more of engineering or a different branch of healthcare (like policy or business strategy). Hence, I hope next year brings a new set of challenges and a variety of learning. 

Long-Term Goals

First and foremost, my goal in life since I was young was to become a physician. Seeing how much you can directly help another person through the eyes of both my parents who are physicians was astounding. Making an impact to better the world i world is an incredibly important long term goal. And I feel like as a physician I can accomplish this. More specifically, I would like to become a trauma surgeon in an urban city like Chicago and work in underserved areas.

Along the lines of healthcare innovation, I want to create and deliver a new medtech in the field of surgery. I am also currently looking to receive an MBA after medical school (I just love school too much) to be able to take part to either medtech companies or become a CMO of a hospital system. I know the skills I learn in college, especially through Leadership Academy, will definitely be of use.

However, of all my long term goals, the most important to me is being able to give back to my family much more than gave to me all these years. And of course, making my parents proud and supporting my younger brother through all his endeavors and schooling. I’d like to go back to the rural towns in India where my parents grew up and establish clinics for women and children.

On a broader spectrum, I want to help women as a whole raise their outlook on their own future by pushing self-confidence and numbers in leadership roles. And one day, have a loving family and daughters who I can pass all that I have learned onto. 

Leadership Experience

  • Undergrad Research Assistant, 2016-2020
  • MATTER Intern, Summer 2019
  • American Medical Student Association 
    • President: 2019-2020
    • Vice President: 2018-2019
  • Student Government Association of IIT
    • Vice President: 2018-2019
  • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
    • Co-founder and Professionalism VP 2018-2019
  • Kappa Phi Delta
    • Risk Management Chair 2019
    • Assistant Vice President of Recruitment Fall 2017
  • Track and Field at Hinsdale Central High School- 2016, 
    • Varsity Captain