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Muhammad Hamza Khan

Karachi, Pakistan
Muhammad Hamza Khan


Computer Engineering ~ May 2019

Short-Term Goals

Utmost objective would be to strike the right balance between academics, extracurricular activities, work and social life. I look forward to achieve a cumulative GPA higher than 3.5 and succeed in my IPRO. I am also keen to do a summer internship in a well-reputable company to practice my skill set in the real world and experience the corporate working environment. While trying to achieve these goals, I plan to consistently work on my leadership skills and challenge them. I also want to get better at playing guitar.

Additionally, I want to successfully finish my bachelor's degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering and simultaneously get a satisfying job. After gaining technical experience, I aim to specialize with a master's degree in Computer Science. After that, I want to have a startup which flourishes into a company changing the world with a simple idea. I would like to become a good husband and a good father and be a part of a happy family. I also have a desire to travel the world and have adventures.

Long-Term Goals

My background takes me back to a school in the Northern mountainous areas of Pakistan. I had been a part of that school and recently it was attacked by terrorists leading to martyrdom of 156 innocent fellow school mates. I would want to go back to my country and give students who don't have the resources, the highest quality of education and opportunities beyond measure. I will try to keep the spirit of those martyrs alive by making the world acknowledge their sacrifice.

In order to make that happen, If my short and mid-term life progress as they are planned, I will have enough financial resources, network, knowledge and experience to fulfill my ultimate goal. I would go back to my country and open sustainable educational institutes to give under-privileged students the right to education. I will conduct seminars worldwide to raise awareness about the incident which had the greatest impact on my life and will urge the international community, especially top class universities, to initiate educational programs in Pakistan. I will also gather funds and open a Technology Park in the name of my fellow schoolmates who became a victim of terrorism and work there as a mentor to help students prove wonders in their lives.

At the age of retirement, I want to have enough stories to tell my grand children about my past experiences, adventures and lessons. This itself becomes a goal as it embarks on a journey of my life and I want to make that journey as exciting and thrilling as possible.

Leadership Experience

Resident Adviser- Residence and Greek Life- May 2016-Present
Vice President- International Student Organization- Nov 2016- April 2017
Outreach Chair- International Student Organization- March 2017- Present