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San Lae Lae Cho

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
San Lae Lae Cho

Short-Term Goals

Not only do I want to excel in architecture, but I also want to expand my horizons and knowledge by getting involved in activities beyond my academic pursuits to develop my leadership and interpersonal skills. With the network, experience, and leadership gained from my involvement around campus, in addition to my architectural studies, I want to travel the world and work for an international firm. Currently, I wish to further develop my leadership skills, build my academic and professional network, and continue to develop and grow while here at Illinois Tech.


Long-Term Goals

Since I love cultural diversity, I would love to travel around the world and explore international architecture after I graduate with my B.Arch. By doing so, I would leave a footprint of Illinois Tech and Leadership Academy wherever I go. When I have gained adequate knowledge and experience, I want to settle at a firm that suits me, hopefully in Myanmar. Ideally, I would lead the architectural firm in Myanmar and build schools, hygienic buildings, and small bridges, which are essential in remote areas.

Illinois Tech Leadership Experience

  • Vice President, TEDxIIT (February 2015–Present)
  • Vice President, Residence Hall Association (August 2014–Present)
  • AIAS (August 2013–Present)
  • Student Assistant of Computer Labs, OTS (February 2014–January 2015)
  • Programmer, Union Board (August 2014–November 2014)
  • Floor Representative of SSV Middle 3rd, Residence Hall Association (August 2013–May 2014)