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San Lae Lae Cho

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Major & Graduation

Achitecture ~ May 2018

Short-Term Goals

"Not only do I want to excel in architecture, but I also want to expand my horizons and knowledge by getting involved in activities beyond my academic pursuits to develop my leadership and interpersonal skills. I want to build stronger connections with the leaders from the academy and share the leadership experiences as well as inspiration with them.

While trying to maintain good grades, I also try to truly learn the concepts from all of my classes. I will be doing full-time architecture internship over the summer so I hope to apply my theoretical knowledge and skills from classes to the real-world profession.

I am also planning to do study abroad with Delft The Why Factory architecture program at TU Delft, which is world's 3rd best architecture school. Currently, I am working on all the documentation and process. If everything gets approved, I will be in TU Delft in Fall 2017 for a semester abroad! This will open up my perceptions on architecture and give me fresh inspiration.

In my last semester in Illinois Tech (Spring 2018), I intend to intern part-time at an architecture or a landscape firm to further sharpen my skills and widen my knowledge of the profession. This will be a great fit as I will be taking a landscape studio for my final semester to graduate with a minor in landscape.

With the network, experience and leadership gained from my involvement around campus and abroad, in addition to my architectural studies, I want to work in a firm which has similar vision and beliefs as I do. Currently, I wish to further develop my leadership skills, build my academic and professional network, and continue to develop and grow, beyond academics, while here at Illinois Tech."

Long-Term Goals

"After I graduate with a B.Arch with minor in Landscape, in Spring 2018, I plan to work towards my architecture license. Then, if I would like to freshen up my architecture and skills again, I will go for masters degree. I intend to do masters in another country because I love traveling and experiencing new culture. I want to do my masters in either an ivy league in USA or in Europe or Australia.
Otherwise, I may continue to work for a firm that I really love and respect for quite some time. Ideally, while trying to gather my experience as a young architect, I want to work for a firm full of passionate people who work together like a family and share similar visions with me.
Since I love cultural diversity, I would love to travel around the world and explore international architecture. I have done studying abroad with IIT faculty, once in my sophomore year and again in coming Fall 2017. I have been very impressed with the surprising amount of knowledge and insight I had gained from study abroads so I hope to explore more in the future.

By doing so, I would leave a footprint of Illinois Tech and Leadership Academy wherever I go. In the end, ideally, I want to get involved in doing non-profit works like Habitat for Humanity in specific remote areas in Myanmar, US or wherever is needed, for those who are in need of hygienic clinics, clean sources of portable water, bathrooms, adequate housing, schools and necessary bridges. My dream is to apply my architecture to improve the living conditions/quality of those in need and make lives better for the underprivileged."

Leadership Experience

  • Scholar - Leadership Academy (Present) 
  • Ambassador - TEDxIIT (Present)
  • TEDx Speaker - TEDxIIT (February 2016 - April 2016)
  • Vice-President - TEDxIIT (February 2015 - Present)
  • Vice-President - Residence Hall Association (August 2014 - Present)
  • AIAS (August 2013 - May 2015)