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Xavier John

Xavier John

Major and graduation

Civil Engineering ~ May 2020

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goals in a nutshell are to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to help me achieve my mid-term and long-term goals. This includes getting into the leadership academy team, and winning the scholarship to secure funding that will ease the financial burden on save my single parent mother. Being in the leadership academy will help me develop into the effective leader I want to become, through the networking and guidance of Rodney, George and other leadership scholars. In the short-term at IIT, I want to improve the organizations I am involved with on campus. I want to increase the number of members, increase the presence of the organizations and hold events that are well attended and remembered. Another short term goal I have is to start a small business while in school. Despite it being challenging starting a business in school will teach me a lot and I can learn from my mistakes. This valuable experience will aid me in the future to build my own successful business. It is important to not limit yourself to one when learning and growing. I want to make use of all the opportunities available to me while I am at IIT.  

Long-Term Goals

My long term goals are to firstly, pay my mother back for putting me through school since preschool and make her life as comfortable as possible because she deserves it! Secondly, I want to own successful companies and businesses. The business can either be a retail store of some sort or software develop business. Who knows I might do both of them. I want create my own general contracting firm, which utilizes futuristic design that is more sustainable and eco-friendly. I want to work for myself, so I can give those around me opportunities to grow and develop themselves. While accumulation of wealth does not drive me, I would like to be wealthy enough to give back and invest to my alma mater (IIT). After working at phonathon for a semester I realize how important it is for alumni to give back to their school, especially when the donations goes to scholarship funds for students. This same wealth will be able me to continue sponsoring students from the Caribbean to come to IIT to receive a quality education. 

Leadership Experience

Events Coordinator - Caribbean Visionaries - (current)
Committee Member - Student Gift (current)
Treasurer - Construction Management Association of America - (current)
Assistant Manager - Phonathon - (current)