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Zan Syed

Streamwood, Illinois
Zan Syed

major and graduation

Psychology ~ May 2019

Short-Term Goals

My short term goals include getting involved in more on-campus, while also doing things that directly help my career, such as research and various internships. With regards to grades, I would like to complete my undergraduate study with a 4.0 GPA. As a final short term goal, I hope that all the things I do in my IIT career enable me to be admitted into medical school, where I can pursue my dream career of being a physician. I will also try very hard to gain some volunteer and shadowing work at hospitals. This would be very helpful in introducing me to a practical medical atmosphere.

Outside of the academic aspect of things, there are a few personal goals that I would also love to attain. These include things such as polishing my professionalism, keeping myself in good shape and having a healthy lifestyle, and becoming an overall better human being. These are things that will allow me to succeed in realms outside of my career such as life with family and friends. I feel like this is extremely important because succeeding socially is as, if not more, important as succeeding academically. 

Long-Term Goals

After graduating from IIT with a bachelor's in psychology, my dream is to become an practicing physician with a specialization in either radiology or orthopedic surgery. The medical field is the one which I see myself as going into as it is truly something that I have always been passionate about. The achievement of these goals is something I have been working towards, and hopefully the next few years can turn these aspirations into a reality.

I really want to travel the world. I am fascinated with the various cultures of the world and think it is really valuable to be aware of what they are like. A big commitment I have made to myself is to keep myself in good shape. It is a huge goal of mine to still be relatively fit when I'm older. Beyond this I hope to develop a strong family presence in my life. This combined with maintaining strong relationships with my closest friends are of huge importance to me. I also hope to be fortunate enough to one day give back to IIT and the community that made me who I am. 

Leadership Experience

  • Leadership Academy: (2017- present)
  • IIT Chess Club (2016-present)