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Leadership Studies Certificate Program

The Center for Leadership Studies encourages all Illinois Tech students to build their leadership skills as an important part of their personal and professional development. While all Leadership Academy participants receive the Certificate in Leadership Studies when they graduate, any non-Academy Illinois Tech student can earn the certificate upon completion of 40 hours of academy-sponsored events.

There are several annual events that non-Academy students may attend and receive credit towards a Certificate in Leadership Stuides.

Event Hours Frequency Availability
Sophomore Leadership Retreat 16 2x per academic year Open to second-year students
Leadership Academy Seminars 5x per academic year Open to all Illinois Tech students
Leadership Experience Assessment and Development (LEAD) 1x per academic year This is an invitation-only simulation open to top Leadership Academy scholarship applicants

Additionally, the Leadership Academy may plan other events throughout the academic year that could be eligible for credits towards the certificate. These events will be announced accordingly.

Find events you can attend here

If you are interested in the future seminars, click here.