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Leadership Academy Wins International Collegiate Leadership Competition For Second Year


In 2018, the Leadership Academy sent its first team to the Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC)  where they sailed to a Regional and International Championship, racking up the competition’s first ever perfect results score. After hearing the exciting story of the 2018 win, the Scholars that signed up this year were ready to both challenge and prove themselves; however, from the beginning it was clear they were not destined for an easy victory.

A miscommunication in the first activity resulted in a devastating blow to the results portion of their score and in each activity that followed they experienced at least one challenge preventing them from achieving a perfect score. Despite these setbacks, the team was always able to regroup and rely on the foundation of trust they had built to push  forward. In the face of disappointment, they persevered with enthusiasm and avoided caving  under the stress.

Thanks to their focus on the process and the results that followed, the team emerged Regional Champions and were recently crowned International  Champions for the second year in a row. As they celebrated their success, the team recognized that while coming in first was rewarding, it was their resilience through the challenges that truly defined their skills as leaders. 

The Academy’s CLC team was coached by Program Manager Meghan Pickett and comprised of the        following Leadership Academy Scholars: